Quality Assurance

WWI bearings are made of high purity bearing steel of international standard. The heat treatment adopts isothermal quenching with roller bottom nitrogen protective atmosphere, which makes the structure more stable and avoids bumping during hot working. KEKAO series adopts patented technology of plasma precipitation and surface treatment. Online quality inspection throughout the entire process, implementing 100% human and machine inspection of key dimensions and characteristics of products. We use specialized equipment to automate the production of grinding, superfinishing, and packaging, ensuring product consistency.

We control bearings’ quality from steel, spare parts, heat treatment, grinding, assembly to finished products on full process. Besides that we use designated raw material.


1:Sampling inspect raw material;


2:Full process inspect forging parts .;

3:Fully inspect raceway of turning parts ;

4:Fully inspect appearance dimension of turning parts ;

5:Heat treatment in-process inspection by batch;

6:Fully inspect grinding dimension in-process ;

7:Fully inspect super-finished raceway;

8:Sampling inspect steel balls, cages,seals, grease by batch;

9:Fully inspect dimension before assembly;

10:Fully inspect clearance,noise of finished products in process;

11:Sampling inspect finished products warehouse- out by batch.;

12: Continuous cooling grinding and ultrasonic cleaning on full process:

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